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Yellow-Crested Cockatoos (Cacatua sulphurea) are gorgeous to look at – but you might be hard-pressed to find any in the wild. Critically Endangered in the wild, only 2,000 individuals remain, having suffered steep declines from habitat loss and illegal trade.

 WPT is working to protect parrots like Yellow-Crested Cockatoos by collaborating with local communities and authorities to stop trapping, as well as by helping to rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce them back into their natural habitats.

Your symbolic adoption of a Yellow-Crested Cockatoo will help WPT to continue our important work for all parrots.

Your adoption package includes:

  • Yellow-Crested Cockatoos Plush. Medium - 9 inch, Large - 14 inch 
  • Symbolic Adoption Certificate
  • Yellow-Crested Cockatoos Photo and Fact Card
  • Exclusively Designed Sticker
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    Show your love for parrots by symbolically adopting a cute Yellow-Crested Cockatoo.

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    Happy as Can Be to Help!

    As someone very passionate about birds (parrots especially), having a rather affordable way to help conservation efforts is wonderful! Not to mention the plushie that comes with is adorable.