SOS for Parrots

United States World Parrot Trust

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In the midst of worldwide crisis, we’re still hopeful for parrots.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected our lives in unexpected ways, impacting efforts to save parrots. 

We need your help.

Global efforts to contain the virus have caused shutdowns, restricted movement of people and goods, and disrupted even the simplest of tasks. While our partners and teams are continuing essential monitoring and work where possible, many other important activities have been suspended, delayed or cancelled.

But there is hope! In spite of everything that’s happening with these chaotic events, our partners and colleagues are finding ways to carry on...

  • Wild chicks are hatching and thriving
  • Wild spaces are being secured and restored,
  • Field teams are finding ways to carry on, and
  • Wild populations are continuing to increase.

It’s been inspiring to see the progress being made. But restrictions caused by the pandemic has put a strain on many conservation programs that rely heavily on ecotourism, volunteers and funding to survive, leaving the birds at serious risk.

So - we’re sending out a parrot SOS.

There’s never been a more critical time to give.
Please, donate today. 

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