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This formidable toy is created from honeycomb board, leather squares, soft-to-medium woods and more. Available in different sizes for different-sized parrots.


  • 2 ins square honeycomb board
  • 2 ins Leather squares
  • Sisal
  • Beech and Tulipwood  shapes

10x2 ins.

Small to medium Parrots

Customer Reviews

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Yellow Nape Amazon & Umbrella Cockatoo LOVED the large honeycomb/leather forage

My Umbrella Cockatoo is hard on toys, foragers, perches, wood, paper, etc. Most of her wood toys last one day, if I'm lucky. This forager took her a month to destroy and tear apart - YAY! The Amazon's has lasted a lot longer about 6 months in a only halfway torn apart. He's a little more interested in the wood toys (he's my tooth pick maker). I just wanted WPT to know how much my parrots loved these and can't wait to be able to order more!