Donation: Make a Change for Parrots

United States World Parrot Trust


Each year, thousands of parrots face harrowing circumstances, whether they are confiscated from trappers or neglected and abandoned.

Many do not survive.
Those that do face an uncertain future.

At WPT, we find ourselves working with our partners more and more in caring for large groups of parrots in peril, supporting their rehabilitation and – whenever possible – their release to restore wild populations. (Learn more:

With your gift we can continue securing a future for imperiled parrots by providing:

  • Emergency veterinary exams and disease testing for rescued birds;
  • Life-saving supplies and infrastructure for rehabilitation centers;
  • Assistance to wildlife authorities on how to better manage confiscations;
    ...and much more, as the need arises.

Please, join us in Making a Change for parrots.

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