Cornish Pewter - Macaw feather necklace


SKU: JEW-neck-pew-feather

Modelled on a Macaws tail feather, this unique necklace was commissioned in pewter exclusively for the World Parrot Trust, working to our design by a skilled craftsman in the south west of Cornwall, UK 

  • 18 inch chain silver coated alloy
  • Nickel free

What is Cornish Pewter anyway?

Pewter is a metal alloy where 85-99% tin is mixed with other metals to give it strength -- in this case, copper. For centuries, Cornwall, in the South West of England, has been the hub of tin and copper mining. Although tin production has long gone, the World Parrot Trust has sourced an independent craftsman who works in this traditional material within a stones throw of the iconic Crown Mine at Bottalack. 

Using recycled tin, molten pewter is poured by hand into the feather mould. When cooled, it is finished and polished by hand to product a genuine work of art.

Pewter has been used since pre Roman times and legend has it that the young Jesus Christ accompanied his uncle, a trader in tin, to the south west.

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    Cute macaw feather necklace

    Love it wear it proudly