DVD - PollyVision - Strictly for Parrots


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Our Biggest Seller! Produced to enhance the welfare of captive parrots, this 1 hr 20 minute DVD is intended for their entertainment and enjoyment.

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You may catch yourself mesmerized as well by wild parrots from around the world going about their business - flying, feeding, preening and carrying on. Gorgeous footage, a must have for your feathered friends. All proceeds benefit parrot conservation!

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Love it๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Thank you all for this beautiful video!! My African Grey and I really enjoy watching it together... itโ€™s a good bonding experience for us (and the dogs have watched it with us , too...probably for a different reason! ) such a well shot video, so bright and colorful! We are happy to support your efforts for these beautiful birds! Love it!!

Gorgeous Footage of these Lovely Birds

I recommend, if you have an "only" bird, as I do, that you get a copy of this DVD and play it for them. My African Grey vocalizes as he hears the wild birds, and the longest, uninterrupted recording of African Greys in the wild, without heartbreaking images of capture, that I am aware of is included. I have been seeking something like this DVD for some time, and it has certainly provided an important source of enrichment for my caged Grey. This is a great addition to his daily interaction with me.